Junior Bible QuizzingWhy Your Child Should Be in Junior Bible Quizzing

February 5, 2023

Have you heard about junior bible quizzing at church, your children’s school, social media, or elsewhere in the community? With so many happy quizzers, you may be wondering why everyone loves it so much.

To tell you the truth, there are several reasons why your child should be in bible quizzing. Whether you want an extracurricular activity that strengthens their relationship with God, teaches them invaluable life skills, helps them make friends, or to simply improve their overall life, junior bible quizzing is the answer!

Through your church’s sponsored bible quizzing teams, your children will form long-lasting friendships rooted in God’s word. Plus, they will strengthen their scripture knowledge, learn to work as a team, and so much more.

5 Reasons Junior Bible Quizzing Can Help Your Child Thrive

The benefits of junior bible quizzing are endless. From socializing with others who share in the love of Christ to learning new skills through studying scripture and strengthening their ability to lean on God in times of struggle, quizzing helps lay the foundation for our younger generation to continue a Christ-focused life with the church.

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1. Create Long-Lasting Friendships In The Church

Is there anything better than watching your child excitedly forge new friendships?

What’s even better, however, is when these friendships are founded in the word of God. Through junior bible quizzing, children join their peers in a light-hearted competition that revolves around learning and sharing scripture.

This does much more than strengthen each child’s relationship with God. Sharing this experience with friends also promotes a life seeded in the church and its teachings.

Being a part of the quizzing community helps children and their families form friendships with others who share the same passion for Christ and His scripture.

Additionally, research shows that children who participate in bible quizzing are 80% more likely to continue with the church. This is a complete flip of the typical retention rate of 20% for children who do not participate.

2. Help Your Kids Embrace Teamwork & Sportsmanship Skills

Yes, winning is fun. But learning scripture to live in and share the word of God is the ultimate goal. Plus, there are so many more benefits of junior bible quizzing!

During practices and tournaments, it’s natural to want to win. However, the children who participate learn that there is much more to just simply winning. In fact, junior bible quizzing teaches children to win gracefully is a much more important skill than just winning.

Moreover, participants also learn to lose and happily congratulate the team that beat them. This instills a level of sportsmanship that will guide your children through their teen years and into adulthood.

Learning to embrace teamwork instills a strong foundation. This helps children become strong, contributing members of society when they grow up.

3. Junior Bible Quizzing Helps to Build Study Skills That Translate To Improved School Grades

To participate in junior bible quizzing, children lean on structured study practices that incorporate time management and memorization. However, expecting a child to memorize too much at once is not a sustainable or even an attainable expectation. Plus, too much pressure can easily take the fun away from what is supposed to be an enjoyable activity!

This is why junior bible quizzing encourages children and their parents to pace themselves. We don’t expect anyone to learn an overwhelming amount of scripture in a short period of time. Instead, we encourage families to dedicate a certain amount of time each day to learning and practicing scripture memorization.

One of the most common things we hear from parents and their children is how much this helps them with schoolwork!

In fact, South Texas JBQ has had many students join us while making mostly C grades or even failing. After time spent with our organization, we are proud to see many of them improve to straight As!

By exercising the memory muscle and practicing time management, children learn to incorporate these study skills during school hours and at home while studying and doing homework.

Moreover, junior bible quizzing districts offer several resources to help children effectively study scripture so they don’t only memorize the words but also embrace the word of God.

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4. Mentorship To Help Kids Thrive Now & In The Future

Junior bible quizzing coaches provide spiritual leadership to the children on their teams. This is much more than simply encouraging study habits and practicing for tournaments. Instead, the coaches take on a mentor role that emboldens each child, and as a result, their families, to walk through life following the word of God.

Because children who participate in junior bible quizzing are more likely to continue with the church, these mentor/mentee relationships are long-lasting. Even after children age out of junior bible quizzing, they typically keep up with their coaches.

As coaches, it is incredible to watch children’s minds develop while learning and embracing scripture. It’s even more rewarding to see them grow up, become coaches of their own teams, and raise future generations in the church.

Overall, bible quizzing builds a foundation in which children learn to live by His word in all that they do and experience.

5. Fun & Casual Atmosphere For Kids To Be Themselves

Among the many benefits of junior bible quizzing includes providing a safe space where kids can be kids. Between school work, chores, studying scripture, and just navigating life in general – children need an outlet to be silly, find their voice, and build confidence.

In addition to the coaches, pastors, preachers, parents, and other church leaders usually have a high level of involvement with bible quizzing. Seeing these leaders partake in this atmosphere helps children to be more comfortable forging relationships with trustworthy adults they can rely on and confide in.

Most importantly, this fun and casual atmosphere surrounded by like-minded individuals encourages each child to walk through life in Christ.

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Join Junior Bible Quizzing For A Fun & Christ-Centered Activity

There’s no time like the present to sign your child up for junior bible quizzing!

Our members are always excited to welcome new friends and share in their love for Christ. Together with their teammates and coaches, our participants forge deeper relationships with God while learning skills to improve their entire lives. From learning scripture and sportsmanship to meeting lifelong mentors and friends, there is truly something to help everyone grow as a child of God.

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